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Public Relations for Auto Parts Companies

Have you seen the local automotive parts companies in your town? They have vehicles, which deliver parts to the various shops as needed. These auto parts stores need to be involved in the communities they serve and it would serve them well to indeed do a little Public Relations or PR from time to time.Of course they can do the usual; sponsor a soccer or little league team, but what else can they do? Well as a case study lets throw out a new concept; have the auto parts store join a local neighborhood business watch program? Why you ask? Well let us look at their business model for a moment;AUTO PARTS COMPANIES: These companies drive around all day to dealerships, auto maintenance facilities, and utility companies. They have many drivers, two-way dispatch and cover lots of territories. Their vehicles are driven by young high energy people who can really add excitement to the groups and who have friends who party a lot and are more apt to commit crimes. It is good to have these drivers warn their friends and acquaintances of this new program; it serves as a deterrent.Now can you see why this makes sense and it costs them nothing to participate in it and look at the valuable community goodwill it will generate too. Perhaps you might consider this in 2006.